Kamis, 28 Juli 2011

Mental-Shock: Psychological Perspective

Delay and Mental Shock:

Announcing of an events for a fix-scheduled is better when sought psychologically. Students had prepared themselves and they had certainty on their readiness for the events - say for an exam.

Giving waiting time longer is a good consideration for some decision makers. Whenever it involves a larger population, it effects differently.

In terms of readiness, any students think whatever happen God knows.
Mental-Shock, a negative effect of a delay. Our students will not be enriched by the delay itself for any reason. Why so? this event is a high-risk stage when sought from teaching-evaluation perspectives).

The simplest one is: say You are ready to board on a plane. Suddenly, an airport officer officially announce that the flight is delayed. Now, You know what effects result in you, your family is waiting for you...

So, I here to say, Delay is not a good way..whatever the reason.
But I see, there standouts any templates of decision makers so finally they have to delay that event (read: exam).

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