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English II Exercises for UAS

English II : Exercises for Final Test

Exercises Meeting-1
1. Do you know the origin of “Computer” and what it means?
a. An electronic device that stores, retrieves, and processes data, and can be programmed with instructions.
b. Referring to a person who carried out calculations, or computations
c. General purpose device that can be programmed to carry out a finite set of arithmetic or logical operations.
d. The answer A,B and C True
e. All answers are false

2. Mention it the type of computer as you know ?
a. Mini Cooper
b. Mainframe
c. Compuserve
d. PC-magazine
e. Server

3. The first use of the word "computer" was recorded in :
d. 1615
e. 1616

4. Origin of word “Computer” is…
a. To Compute
b. To Comp
c. To Pute
d. To Comput
e. To Com

5. They are examples of first-generation computing devices :

Exercises Meeting-2
1. One of the most important components within your computer…
d. RPU
e. TPU

2. There the component of inside a computer, except :
a. Harddisk
b. RAM
c. REM
d. VGA Card
e. Processor

3. The brain of the computer :
a. Microprocessors
b. Microchip
c. MicroRAM
d. Microdisk
e. MicroSD

4. Measurement capacity of hard drive :
a. KiloBytes
b. KiloGrams
c. MegaBytes
d. Gygabytes
e. All Answers are True

5. Examples input device :
a. Mouse and Hard Drive
b. Keyboard and Memory
c. Scanner and Mouse
d. Mouse and Printer
e. Printer and Keyboard

Exercises Meeting-3
1. A special type of program that loads automatically when you start your computer is …
a. System
b. Software
c. Operating System
d. System Program
e. Application

2. There are examples of Operating System as you know, except :
a. Windows XP
b. Windows 7
c. Windows Tec
e. Genome

3. There are Open Source Operating System :
c. Windows NT
d. A and B True
e. A and C True

4. The type of program that you use once the operating system has been loaded :
a. Operating System
b. System Memory
c. Word Pad
d. Enterprise System
e. Application Software

5. There is the application software for editing image :
a. Power Point
b. Photoshop
c. Acrobat Reader
d. Adobe Premier
e. Microsoft Excel

Exercises Meeting-4
1. An artificial language designed to communicate instructions to a machine, particularly a computer is …
a. Computer Language
b. Programming Language
c. Software Language
d. Typical Language
e. Image Language

2. The example of Programming Language is …
a. Safari
b. Java
c. Microsoft Word
d. Fire Fox
e. Internet Explore

3. A system where by individual PCs are connected together within a company or organization :
a. WAN
b. GAN
c. TAN
d. LAN
e. BAN

4. Small programs that hide themselves on your file/disks :
a. Virus
b. Worm
c. Word
d. Data
e. Anti Virus

5. Example for OOP Programming Language, except :
b. C++
c. Pascal
d. Visual Basic
e. C#

Exercises Meeting 5
1. A software which is created to do something bad and to perform criminal intension :
a. Microsoft Software
b. Virus Software
c. Malicious Software
d. Linux Software
e. Pirate Software

2. A software that can replicate by injecting or infecting its own code into other file :
a. Virus
b. File
c. Worm
d. Macro
e. Cookies

3. A software which replicates by creating its own copy :
a. Virus
b. File
c. Worm
d. Macro
e. Cookies

4. Example of Worm :
a. Fall.txt
b. File.txt
c. Worm.txt
d. I Love U.txt
e. Cookies.txt

5. There are kind of malicious software but not infect files :
a. Virus
b. Trojan
c. Tracker
d. Ghost
e. Worm

Exercises Meeting 6
1. Hardware can be divided into two categories, mentioned that …
a. Inside/Outside device
b. Front/Outside device
c. Input/Output device
d. Software/Freeware
e. Shareware/Open Source

2. A set of computer consists of metal, plastic, and other physical devices which is called …
 a. Software
 b. Hardware
 c. Program
d. Process
e. Instruction

3. There are input device, except :
a. Mouse
b. Keyboard
c. Microphone
d. HardDrive
e. Scanner

4. Video capturing devices connected to computers or computer networks, often using USB
a. Website
b. Webcam
c. Webnet
d. WebVideo
e. Video Conference

5. A device that provides input by analyzing images, printed text, handwriting, or an object
is :
a. Printer
b. Webcam
c. Plotter
d. Hard Drive
e. Scanner

Exercises Meeting-9
1. The benefit of a computer network are :
a. Sharing hardware resources easily
b. Sharing information easily
c. Sharing Input easily
d. A and B True
e. A,B and C True

2.There are many types of Computer Network, except :
a. LAN
b. WAN
c. MAN
d. BAN
e. MAN

3. There are many types of Network Topology, except :
a. Bus and Ring
b. Star and Mesh
c. Ring and Star
d. Star and Bus
e. Bust and Mesht

4. A piece of computer hardware designed to allow computers to communicate over a computer network is …
a. NIC
b. LAN Card
c. NEC
d. RAN Card
e. A and B True

5. There are the devices to create a computer network, except :
a. NIC
b. Repeater
c. Hub
d. VGA
e. Router

Exercises Meeting-10
1. The art and science of writing hidden messages in such a way that no-one apart from the
sender and intended recipient even realizes there is a hidden message :
a. Stenography
b. Stegraphy
c. Steganomy
d. Stagenoghrapy
e. All answer are false

2. A steganography message will appear to be something else, the examples…
a. A picture
b. An article
c. A message
d. A and C true
e. All Answers false

3. There are some technique steganography, except …
a. Writing a secret message using invisible ink
b. Hidden messages on messenger's body
c. A picture of a message in microdots or microfilms
d. A copy file to another file.
e. In computer era, steganography can be done by inserting a secret document into other

4. The origin of steganography from ….
a. Greek
b. Russia
c. England
d. America
e. Germany

5. The steganography usually use for …..
a. Covered
b. Hidden Writing
c. Copy
d. Backup
e. A and B true

Exercises Meeting-11
1. The practice and study of creating a secret information.
a. Stenography
b. Crytography
c. Steganomy
d. Stagenoghrapy
e. All answer are false

2. A cryptography is used in applications present in technologically advanced societies, the examples…
a. Security of ATM cards
b. Computer passwords
c. Electronic commerce A message
d. A,B and C true
e. Hidden Message

3. A machine called Enigma to encrypt and decrypt the messages in world war II used by…
a. German
b. America
c. France
d. Italy
e. Russia

4. The example of cryptography …
a. Greek
b. Enigma
c. Enogmist
d. Login
e. A,B and C true

5. The a secret text resulting from encryption process is ….
a. Hidden Writing
b. Chiper text
c. Hidden text
d. A and B true
e. No Answer

Exercises Meeting 12
1. What is the internet ….
a. A worldwide connection of millions of computers connected to thousands of different networks
b. Each computer on the Internet
c. Server
d. Browsing
e. All answer are false

2. Many kind of internet services, mentioned that …..
a. Browser
b. World Wide web
c. FTP
d. B and C True
e. Wireless Network

3. There are the examples of search engine ….
a. Google Chrome
b. Mozilla Firefox
c. Internet Explore
d. Opera
e. All answers true

4. The examples of search engine ….
a. IRC
b. Yahoo Messenger
c. Google Talk
d. A,B and C true
e. All Answers false

5. What is the function Internet address domain ….
a. The domain name service address
b. Host machine has a special Internet protocol address (IP address) that uniquely identifies that
c. the domain name service address of the IP address
d. A,B and C true
e. All answers false

Exercises Meeting-13
1. Method of creating, transmitting, or storing primarily text-based human communications with digital
communications systems is …
a. Server
b. Email
c. Attach File
d. FTP
e. WWW

2. The are several part of Email …..
a. Header
b. World Wide web
c. Message Body
d. A and C True
e. Address

3. There are the examples of Email Address, except ….
a. tonny@googles.com
b. harry@yahoo.co.id
e. All answers true

4. What kinds of document that could attach file to email ….
a. Images
b. PDF file
c. DOC file
d. Music file
e. All Answers true

5. What is the meaning of BCC ….
a. Bling Carbon Copy
b. Bline Carbon Copy
c. Blink Carbon Copy
d. Blind Carbon Copy
e. All answers false

Exercise Meeting 14
1. What is the Website ….
a. A site (location) contains a collection of pages on the World Wide Web
b. A site for information on the World Wide Web
c. A site for search information
d. a tool designed to search for information on the World Wide Web.
e. All answers true

2. The function of website ….
a. Bring information resources to the user
b. Give directions to your place of business
c. Introduction for your profile
d. Searching information
e. A, B and C True

3. A program that searches documents for specified keywords …
a. Website
b. Search Engine
c. Web Page
d. Google.com
e. All answers true

4. A document written in Hypertext Mark-up Language (HTML) ….
a. Website
b. Search Engine
c. Web Page
d. Google.com
e. All answers true

5. The examples of search engine ….
a. Bing
b. Google
c. Ask
d. Yahoo
e. All answers true

Additional Exercises:
1. Person who masters in Steganography is called …?
2. Person who masters in Cryptography is called …?
3. Decrypt this “UHDG”
4. Encrypt this “LOVE”
5. What is the top of processor speed nowadays?
6. When you surf in the internet, you have to obey Netiquette points, what are they?
7. Difference between browser and search engine!
8. What is the France layout keyboard?
9. Synonym of “to fetch”
10. Synonym of “tiny”
11. Difference of “Crawler”, “Ants”, and “Spider” in search engine.
12. There are two OS from Indonesia, what are they?
13. What is algorithm?
14. What is Mosaic?
15. Who are Tom Cranston and Fred Longstaff; Tim Berners-Lee; Linux Torvalds; Mark Zuckenberg?
16. What is “dot-matrix printer”?
17. What are they : GUI, CPU, ROM, VGA, FTP, HTML,  IBM, BIOS, CCNA, IP, CU, ALU, DLNA?
18. Mention several internet domains (for example .com, .biz, .au, .id) and see their differences.

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