Jumat, 25 Januari 2013

Abstrak Tesis

The Use of Form-Focused Instruction in Speaking Class and Its Effects on Foreign Language Learners


The focus of this study is to observe the use of form-focused instruction and its effects on foreign language learners’ mistakes/errors in speaking class. This is a descriptive research. The findings show that the learners produced mistakes/errors on grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation and the teacher used form-focused instruction and provided different kinds of feedback (elicitation, clarification request, direct correction, repetition, recasts, metalinguistic, and non-verbal feedback). The most effective uptake is clarification request. The findings of the research suggest that teachers need to choose the right type of feedback to produce successful uptakes. Considering the importance of feedback in interactions in the classroom, teaching institution should conduct workshops on effective form-focused instruction to teachers.

Key words:
Form-focused instruction; mistakes/errors; feedback; uptake; teacher; learner.

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